About BioHA


“Welcome to the Bio-Healthcare Association(BioHA) website.”

BioHA was established in Dec. 2015.  The number of BioHA member companies is
reaching forty, including six companies listed on KOSDAQ (Korean-equivalent of
NASDAQ), two on KONEX (Korean-equivalent of OTCBB), and one on CSE of Canada. 

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The main goal of BioHA is to facilitate the sustainable growth of the bio-healthcare industry of Korea. Most of BioHA member companies are clustered in the Daedeok R&D Special Zone which comprises approximately 150 biotech companies, 30 national and private research institutes, 10 universities, and the International Science and Business Belt (ISBB).

The Daedeok R&D Special Zone provides excellent ecosystem for bio-healthcare R&BD such as wide range of infrastructure for basic science, convergence technology, global business cooperation, community culture, and settlement. The majority of BioHA member companies are specialized mainly in biopharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostics, and biomaterials.

Performance of the member companies has been rapidly improved for the last couple of years in terms of investment attraction, employment, domestic and overseas sales. In order to meet the criteria for future global market, BioHA will make every effort to strengthen the cooperation among the bio-healthcare companies, universities and research institutes, to establish global networks, and to establish a national hub of leading-edge bio-healthcare industry. Consequently, BioHA is expected to accelerate the innovative growth of bio-healthcare industry of Korea.

BioHA hopes that all members of the bio-healthcare industry can find most up-to-date information through this homepage, and is open to any biotech companies willing to cooperate on a shared strategic vision with us.

Thank you.

Professor Pil Jae Maeng, Ph.D.Chairman, Bio-Healthcare Association